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We offer a unique and very effective marketing strategy for your rental.  Property owners big and small rely on us to increase occupancy, boost profits, generate cash flow and increase property values. The following is an outline of how we are able to obtain incredible results in record time!

Our start up includes an in depth market survey and extensive rent analysis. This includes a comprehensive study  of your area, and the directly competing properties. The market survey will summarize the subject property’s position in the market and establish goals for a successful lease up process.

A complete property profile is assembled, ensuring our team members will be thoroughly familiar with the unique details and important facts about your property. From competition to amenities, school systems to local shopping, our leasing specialist will be 100% informed and knowledgeable about your community. Each of our team members is self-motivated, skilled and experienced in an array of states, markets and cultures. In addition to proven track records, our leasing specialists come to you having completed intensive training, seminars, and periodic workshops focused on leasing and rapport building techniques.

Proven and successful marketing and advertising strategies will increase your traffic and subsequently increase applications for residency. Each marketing campaign is customized specifically for your project to effectively target qualified prospects.

Every prospective tenant will be thoroughly screened and covered by our Rental Guarantee. Our tenant screening process is one of the most rigorous in the industry. We follow a strict 4 point process that ensures that we are placing a quality qualified tenant in your property. Every applicant must provide or be subject to a full national background check, credit check, verifiable income, rental history and even a personal interview.



Our methods are proven with over a decade of rental real estate management and marketing experience.
Please contact us for a Free rent analysis and more information on our Rental Guarantee.